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Essay on Natural Theology

Natural theology is the branch of theology which examines from first principles what characteristics God would need to have in order to be God.  For instance, an entity which was forgetful or incompetent, powerless or impermanent, would not meet the basic requirements for being God.  Anselm famously defined God as "Quo nil maius cogitari possit", that than which nothing greater could be imagined, the entity that was the best conceivable in every respect.

The question is, how to reconcile such a theoretical concept with the God of religious experience, who is not an abstraction but an actor in history, testified to in the Scriptures.

In this essay, which won a London University prize in 1994, Christopher Mordaunt suggests that it is the distinctive role of religious language to provide the crosswalks between the two concepts of the Deity, the God of natural theology (D/NTh) and the God of human experience (D/ETh).

The Vladimir Theotokos

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